20 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Window Film

Do you have questions about 3M window film? Do you want to learn more about UV rays? Do you know which type of film is best for your home or business? Suncoast Window Films is here to help you each step of the way. We’ve put together a quick FAQ of the top questions we hear that will help you learn more about window films and show you why we believe professionally installed window films are great for both residential and commercial properties. If you have a question that isn’t listed below please click here and we will be more than happy to answer it for you and schedule a free estimate.

Window film, also referred to as window tint, is a transparent film that is applied directly to glass windows. It comes in a variety of compositions with varying effects on the mechanical and optical properties of the underlying glass. Since window film is applied directly to existing glass windows it is easier to install and less costly than specialty chemically-altered glass.

Window film comes in a variety of transparency options, designs, colors and tints which makes it easy to find the one that fits your individual needs. Our 3M window films can be virtually clear preserving views or they can be completely non-transparent for added privacy.

The choice is up to you when it comes to the degree of window film darkness. If you are looking for added privacy we have films that block out peering eyes. Many businesses choose 3M Fasara Window Films that come in various colors, patterns, and other options. If you want to keep your views as clear as possible then our 3M Prestige Window Films are a great option. When it comes to 3M window films the options are virtually unlimited.

3M window films are designed to not block out light, this is one of the biggest features of our window films. These films are specifically designed to control heat, prevent fading, and reduce glare without blocking views and obscuring sunlight. Choosing 3M window films gives you the best of both worlds. Our team of professionals will help you choose a film that fits your individual needs.

Yes, we have installed window film on every type of glass from skylights to slider doors. Our team of professional installers can custom fit our 3M window films to just about any shape.

Our team here at Suncoast Window Films help you choose the right film to fit your needs. We start with an initial free consultation to identify your needs and then recommend the right product for you. We also bring samples to show you exactly how they will look on your windows.

Yes! Our window films are a low cost one time investment that over time pays for itself by saving you money on your energy bill. Here in Florida the heat can get intense, both residential and commercial properties can benefit from window films.

Glare from the sun can cause distractions and be an annoyance when trying to enjoy your space. 3M window films offers tint that is specifically designed to cut down on glare and the amount of sun that enters the room.

Sunlight causes fading of furniture, artwork, wood surfaces and more. 3M window film is designed to filter out harmful UV rays that lead to fading which is one of the main reasons why homeowners and business owners choose our films.

3M window films keep out bad light, such as UV rays, that cause damage to furnishings while allowing good light to enter.

Yes! Our window films reduce the amount of heat that enters through your windows. The reduction of solar energy that transfers heat into a room causes it to be substantially cooler increasing overall comfort.

Although we cannot set an exact dollar amount, many of our customers have said that window film is a great selling point especially here in Florida when the heat can get intense.

Our team is professionally trained and treats each customer and property with the utmost respect ensuring there is little disruption and no mess is ever left behind. We have consistently received five-star reviews from our happy customers, please click here to view our testimonials.

Window films are a low cost one-time investment that brings many benefits. Our films are high quality and increase security while lowering your energy bill and increasing overall comfort.

Each window film installation varies since each case is unique, however our team of professionals typically can install your films in a day. We work with you to understand your needs and will narrow down expected time constraints.

Yes, each install is backed by the 3M guarantee, one of the best warranties available in our industry. If you have any questions please contact us, we’ll be glad to help.

Window films can be cut to match the exact size of your window or glass panel doors. We ensure each cut is precise and there are no visible seams. Whether you want to tint sliding doors, french doors, storm windows, bay windows, or any other type of window Suncoast Window Films can get the job done. View our completed projects.

Yes, our window films can be applied to dual-pane windows, even tempered and low-e coated windows.

We have tinted many skylights. It’s important to choose professionals who have the right films and skills, both of which are reasons why you should choose Suncoast Window Films to get the job done right the first time.

Our professionals install window films to last for as long as you need them, if you wish to remove them for any reason you can do so without causing damage to your windows.

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