Your home is where you should feel the safest. With proper care and regular maintenance, your home is expected to protect your family and yourself forever. 

Upgrading the safety of your home with 3M Window Film can also be expected to last forever. That’s why when your Window Film is installed by a 3M certified installer, it is accompanied by a 3M Lifetime Warranty. 

Performance That is Guaranteed to Last

A few reasons homeowners choose to install window film include the fact that they block harmful UV rays (99%), can prevent the fading of furnishings, appliances, and surfaces in the home, keep energy costs lower and reduce glare and heat. 

Films can be customized by densities, and tints to let you control how much light is allowed through. Darker films block more light and heat, but there are options from 3M that can still block UV rays without sacrificing the look of your home. Finding the best window film for your home will be dependent on things like how much or little light you want to let in, and if you have privacy or security concerns. 

For more than 60 years, 3M has been consistently creating high-quality window film and window tint products. Suncoast Window Films will recommend and install the right products that improve your space all while ensuring it qualifies for 3M’s Lifetime Warranty. 

How does 3M’s Lifetime Warranty Work?

When 3M Window Films are installed by a professional installer they are guaranteed for years. The 3M Lifetime Warranty states that when a window film is installed by a 3M certified installer, interior window film will maintain its solar reflective properties, adhere to and protect properties without bubbling, peeling or cracking. Depending on the type of film you select, and what kind of windows you have, other components like glass failure and discoloration may also be covered under the warranty. 

In some cases, a home may benefit more from installing exterior window films. These will also be covered under warranty, granted they are installed by a 3M certified installer. Exterior window films are covered for up to 7 years, depending on a few qualifications. 

Aftercare for 3M Window Film

Another perk to having 3M Window Films installed is that they are easy to care for. With any major investment, maintenance is crucial. By reading the specifications in the 3M Lifetime Warranty you’ll see how lax caring for your window films can be. 

Thirty days after the installation is complete you can clean the windows with just about any washing solution, even those including ammonia. We recommend using squeegees, synthetic sponges, or soft cloths. 

To ensure keeping your warranty, do not use tape or other adhesive products on the film.

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