Do You Already Have Blinds, Shades, or Curtain on Your Windows? Here’s Why You’ll Need Window Film Too!

Blinds, drapes, curtains, and window films are just a few of the types of window coverings that homeowners use to accomplish things such as:

  • Functionally decorate a space
  • Increase privacy

  • Reduce sun glare and brightness

  • Add a decorative flourish or emphasize branding

  • Blackout a room for a more conducive sleeping environment

While you may find a few benefits using traditional coverings they really don’t provide everything most homeowners or business owners need. Pairing your current coverings with window film will help you achieve the highest level of performance from your windows and more fully appreciate your home or business.

Install Window Film and Curtains For 24/7 Performance

Let’s look at the example of why privacy window film pairs well with curtains. During the day, window film keeps passersby from viewing in while also blocking heat. It blocks heat, allows light into your windows, conserves energy by blocking sunlight, prevents UV rays from fading your possessions, reduces bright sun glare, improves the view of your window, retains heat in the winter, and optimizes views looking out. It does all of this while being as thin as a piece of paper and adhering directly to your glass. However, because the interior illumination in the house is brighter than outside, the amount of seclusion provided by window film decreases significantly at night, making curtains a great add-on for ensuring optimal privacy.

The most significant shortcomings of curtains (compared to window film) are that they tend to block your view outside and restrict the amount of light that comes into your home or business. By combining curtains and window film you’ll create the perfect solution that allows you to fully appreciate your windows.

Reasons Why People Haven’t Tried Adding Window Film

Some individuals haven’t thought about using window film with their current curtains or blinds because they didn’t realize the advantages. Others may hesitate due to believing myths about window films. Here are a few common window film myths we address:

MYTH #1: Window film can cause the glass to break:

To avoid this problem, window film installers follow all manufacturers’ recommendations to ensure they apply the proper film for each type of glass and window. The purpose of security window film is to minimize the consequences of broken windows. External causes such as intruders, blunt objects, and storms can cause window panes to shatter. If the fracture and shattering are not restrained, family members, employees, or clients may be injured by the glasses. Window film serves as a binding agent and keeps glass intact making it stronger and safer at the same time. That said, it pays to install a window film that minimizes the potential damage of a broken window.

MYTH #2: Window film makes your windows too dark:

You can select which window film options are most suited to your needs, with numerous hues to pick from. This means that your windows will only be as bright as you want them to be.

MYTH #3: Window film is only beneficial in the summer and warm weather and can make your house colder in the winter:

Window film is actually an energy-saving mechanism. Window films can be used in a variety of ways to protect against heat transfer from inside a building. In the winter/cold days, windows with high-quality tint emit less heat and repel heat in the summer/warm days. As a result, the air conditioning unit needs less energy to achieve the required temperatures.

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