Can window film (or window tint) help save money on your electric bill?

Yes, one of the many benefits of window film is that it can help save you money every single month. While there are a few factors that can determine the exact amount of savings, overall, the energy-saving benefits can lead to noticeable savings when the bill comes in your mailbox. Here are three ways that window film helps save you money.

Prevent Sun Damage with Window Film

Over time the incredible amount of energy produced by the sun can actually lead to physical damage. UV, or ultraviolet rays, can be extremely damaging to not just your furniture but also your skin. Our 3M window films reduce 99% of the most harmful UV rays protecting you and your home. Protect yourself from expensive repairs on things such as hardwood floors, furniture, cabinets and more along with preventing priceless artwork from being destroyed by installing 3M window films!

Control Temperature with Window Film

One of the primary money saving features of 3M window film is that it allows you to better control temperatures in your home or business. In the warmer months of Florida, which is just about every month, window film has an insulating effect that can help keep the cool air inside where it belongs.

By drastically reducing the sun’s heat and insulating your home or business better than non-treated windows your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. On top of that, 3M window films will also eliminate hot spots that lead to an unevenly cooled home that leads to extra strain on your A/C.

Window Film vs New Windows

Have you ever thought about replacing every single window in your home? Full window replacement can be extremely expensive with the average cost being around $4,500 but may be more based on the amount of windows and other specifications. 

When it comes to the choice between new windows or simply installing 3M window film, window film just makes sense. When you consider the average return on investment for window films can be in as little as three years compared to around thirteen years for new windows, the choice is even clearer – just like your views through 3M Residential Prestige series films!

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