Eco-Friendly Design: Refinishing Surfaces Using Window Film & Architectural Finishes

With the recent surge in employees working remotely, and everyone spending more time at home in general, this might be the perfect time to update your home or business’s interior design. One update would be to replace existing surfaces with new materials,  but this isn’t the most environmentally friendly solution or the cheapest. 

Instead of purchasing all new materials, 3M Window Film or Architectural Finishes could be applied to give your space a fresh look, and feel. In addition to being more affordable, this method is also more eco-friendly.

What Is Eco-Friendly Design?

Eco-friendly design consists of making the earth a better place, for us and for future generations. The type of materials used, amount of waste produced, and how things can be recycled and innovated, all make up the logic that is Eco-friendly design.  

Products that are environmentally friendly are most likely non-toxic, derived from renewable or sustainable materials, or have been recycled in a completely new product. Eco-friendly design finds a way to utilize these sustainable products, while also including methods that save energy and reduce waste.


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How 3M Window Film & Architectural Finishes are Eco-Friendly Design Solutions

3M Window Film and Architectural Finishes are both eco-friendly design choices for a plethora of reasons. Below are a few of those reasons to consider using these choices to refinish an already existing surface, as opposed to completely replacing it.

Creates Less Waste

Bringing in new materials is one way to update a space, but that usually consists of removing and disposing of the old material. In place of paying an excessive amount for new materials, you can completely revitalize an entire area by using architectural finishes. 

Architectural finishes simply adhere to the old surface, making them more cost-effective. Since they implement the reuse of materials like walls, doors, and frames, a lot of architectural finishes can add to LEED sustainability credits.

Window film can assist in making existing windows become more energy-efficient, creating less waste than other materials. Older windows are sometimes replaced with low E-glass or double-panes, but installing window film can assist in retaining man-made heat, and also reflect solar heat, resulting in optimized temperature regulation.


Sustainable Options

Since so many 3M Architectural Finishes are made up of sustainable materials, that means they are made using metal-bearing ores or trees. In turn, using products that are made from renewable resources helps conserve the environment. 3M Architectural Finishes can give you a product that looks like wood-grain, metal, or a look that you desire without dealing any further harm to the Earth.

Conserves Energy

Window films are some of the most effective ways to conserve energy. They represent an eco-friendly design that benefits the environment and you. Applying them can help you cut costs on heating bills, and air conditioning bills. Window film can be found in an assortment of types hinging on your specifics, and requirements. 

99% of harmful UV rays can be blocked using Window film, it can also prevent heat gain, and contributes to keeping interiors cool in the warmer months. You can also reduce the number of your heating bills in the winter since insulating window film helps preserve the warmth generated by your HVAC. 


Apply To Virtually Any Surface

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