Enhance Your Glass Storefront With 3M Window Film

Storefronts offer many benefits for businesses such as restaurants, retail, offices, and others. For restaurants they allow customers to enjoy the view outdoors, retail establishments are able to place products to attract foot traffic, and the natural light alone boosts productivity and overall mood of employees as well.

While glass storefronts bring great opportunities, they also bring along various challenges such as glare, heat, expensive energy bills, risk of breakage, and more.

Benefits Of 3M Window Film For Glass Storefronts

Glare Reduction

The unfortunate byproduct of sunlight is glare. When there is too much sunlight it reflects off surfaces causing irritating glare. Glare can be a nuisance that affects overall comfort and focus. For customers this can be irritating and for employees it can even effect productivity and focus.

3M Window Films for glass storefronts allows you to block out glare without obstructing the view. Our films are designed to limit the amount of light that passes through the glass which reduces overall glare and enhances occupants experience while in your establishment.

Temperature Control

Energy bills can be quite expensive, especially here in Sarasota during the summer. Ignoring climate controlling measures for glass storefronts leads to higher energy bills and an uncomfortable experience for patrons and workers. The sun’s heat can pour through the glass leading to higher temperatures and pushing your HVAC to it’s max. While summer is always hot, depending on the position of your glass storefront you may experience heat from direct sunlight that leads to issues throughout the year.

Installing 3M Window Film will help improve temperatures by rejecting up harmful UV rays and heat that lead to higher energy use meaning you’ll not only be improving comfort – you’ll actually be saving money too.

Safety And Security

The weakest point of any structure are windows. All glass storefronts are constantly at risk of breakage whether it be from accidents or intentional breaking and entering from criminals. It doesn’t take much to break untreated glass, a simple hit from a blunt object and provide easy entry for intruders looking to steal or vandalize property.

Our 3M Safety And Security Window Film creates a tough protective barrier that improves overall strength while also keeping glass together should it break. When windows break they send sharp, dangerous shards flying into the building leading to damage and severe risk of injury. These films also helps deter break-in’s because of its amazing durability, this helps give occupants more time to get to safety and alert authorities. Protect people, property and things with 3M Safety And Security Window Film.

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