Frequently Asked Question: What Is Safety Film For Windows?

What is 3M Safety and Security film? What does it do and how strong is it? These are common questions we receive and with an increased interest in creating a more safe environment for homes and businesses we wanted to provide more information to answer these questions. As window film experts we want to ensure you receive the exact product that fits your unique needs. Continue reading below to learn more about 3M Safety and Security window films.

What Is Safety And Security Film?

Safety and security window film acts as an additional layer of protection for your glass windows. Our 3M Safety and Security window films are thicker than typical window tint which allows it to hold the glass in place better than inferior products on the market.

3M uses nanotechnology inside its layered film which is what makes it extremely strong, durable, and tear-resistant. When installed, 3M Safety and Security window films are anchored to the window frame making it even more secure than other methods.

What Are The Benefits Of Safety And Security Window Film?

Glass is a weak point on every building, when hit with blunt objects such as a hammer it breaks into smaller pieces posing danger to people in the immediate area. Sharp fragments flying into a building or home can cause severe injury which is why many people are looking for ways to add an additional layer of protection to their windows. 3M Safety and Security window films hold broken glass in place preventing it from flying into the room meaning occupants won’t be injured.

Attempted break-in’s, strong winds from storms, and falling trees are all examples of ways windows can break on impact. 3M Safety and Security films are a great anti-theft investment that work as a deterrent. When intruders attempt to break through it slows them down making it more difficult and time consuming creating more precious time for occupants to get to safety and alert authorities.

3M Safety and Security films are not only great for keeping you safe from sharp shards of glass and preventing break-ins, but they also provide other benefits such as UV protection. Harmful UV rays from the sun can cause damage to furnishings, hardwood floors, and your skin. With the added layer of protection from 3M Safety and Security films, you can prevent fading, damage, and expensive repairs.

The benefits of 3M Window Film:

  • Installs on existing glazing and frames
  • Clear, tinted, mirrored, and frosted options are available
  • Holds the building envelope together for longer, helping to delay or deter forced entry
  • Holds broken glass shards together, protecting from windstorms, hurricanes, or explosions
  • Helps to protect from smash & grab robberies
  • Blocks 99% of UV rays
  • Covered by the best warranty in the industry, the 3M Guarantee

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