How Long Does Window Film Last?

Window film that has been installed by professionals, like Suncoast Window Films, is a great solution for lowering overall energy costs and making your windows more energy efficient.

Many of our customers ask us how long window film will last once our team professionally installs window film on their home or business to protect people, property, and things against solar heat and UV rays.

A Few Factors To Remember

Window film, under the right conditions, can last for more than 20 years! The overall longevity of window film depends on a few factors which include the condition of the window they’re installed on, the quality of window film, the directional position the windows are facing, and climate conditions. Above all, the most important factor that affects window film longevity is whether or not it has been professionally installed by a trained and certified team backed by years of experience working with window films.

How Professional Installation Affects Longevity

In order to improve energy efficiency it’s important that the right type of window film is used and that they are installed properly to provide the most UV protection that either absorbs or reflects solar heat and glare. Customers will get more return on their investment by choosing to have their window film installed by professionals who know what they are doing.

Choosing professionals like Suncoast Window Films ensures that the right type of window film is used on your windows. Our team works closely with customers to select the correct window film series that fits their individual needs and ensures proper adhesion of the film onto each window which improves performance, longevity and includes the most comprehensive warranty protection on the market backed by the 3M Guarantee.

How To Clean Window Film After Installation to Make it Last

Post-installation care of window film is rather minor but is important to improve the lifespan of window films as it prevents the degradation of quality. Follow these tips to properly clean your window film after it has been installed:

  • Avoid the use of alcohol or ammonia-based cleaners on tinted glass (Windex is not recommended)
  • Do not use abrasive cleansers
  • Do use a mild dish soap and water solution mixed in a household spray bottle. Apply like normal glass cleaner and wipe with a squeegee or microfiber towels.
  • You can also purchase Sprayway glass cleaner (available in an aerosol can) to use in cleaning tinted glass windows.


Suncoast Window Films is an Authorized 3M Prestige Dealer and every film we professionally install is backed by the 3M Guarantee, the most comprehensive warranty in our industry. By choosing Suncoast Window Films you not only ensure your new window films will be properly installed, you can also rest easy knowing that we back our products for many years to come.


    3M is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. We earned the world’s first patent for sun control window film in 1966. And today, there are millions of buildings with 3MTM Window Film installed around the world. By sharing ideas across 40+ core technologies and combining them in imaginative ways, we continue to introduce new-to-the-world products that enhance your life.


    3MTM Window Films are designed to resist peeling, bubbling, scratching and abrasion for long-lasting beauty and clarity. We push beyond industry standards, subjecting our films to rigorous durability tests at the most advanced weathering facilities in the world, so you can count on superior performance, durability and confident protection.


    When you choose 3M, you choose peace of mind. We offer one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry — from a trusted company you know will be around.

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