Have you ever wondered how strong safety and security window films are? It’s a great question and the answer is simple: It is incredibly strong! There has been a rise in interest and popularity when it comes to safety and security window films. Many homeowners and business owners are looking for ways to create a safer home or workplace, we highly recommend 3m Safety and Security Window Films! What makes these films a great idea? Are they a good investment? Is it really strong? Let’s dive in.

Safety Film Makes Glass Stronger

Safety film is a must-have if you want to add a layer of protection and strength to your windows. What does it do? The film’s power is derived from within its scientifically designed layers. In general, window security film consists of multiple layers of polyester film that have been bonded together. The more layers there are, the more effective the protection.

Safety and security window films can range in thickness from 4 mils (0.001 in) to 15 mils or thicker, depending on the manufacturer. Some films may be thinner and yet more durable than their thicker counterparts thanks to new nanotechnology. The most important goal of safety and security window films is to be able to withstand impact. 3M Safety and Security films exceed expectations, being up to 42 micro-layers thick, these films are great for homes, businesses, schools, and storefronts.

Impact protection is an important benefit of safety glass. The film deters intruders by keeping the glass in place which slows down intruders and encourages them to move on. It takes a lot of effort to break through windows and sliders that have safety and security window films on them. Because these films keep glass together they reduce the chance of serious damage caused by shards of shattered glass from windows during attempted break-ins or extreme weather such as hurricanes.

The main takeaway is that the multiple layers of protection in safety films are what make it so effective. It maintains your windows’ integrity by keeping the glass from shattering in the event of a break-in, severe weather, or accident.

Security Footage Of 3M Safety And Security Film Protecting A Building

Safety Film’s Anti-Scratch Properties

Scratch resistance is another benefit of window film. Because 3M Safety and Security Film is strong and thick, it can withstand greater abuse than normal window film. Window films with higher layer counts, such as our safety and security films, have better scratch resistance. It’s worth noting that no window film is scratch-proof, however, 3M Safety and Security film is scratch-resistant meaning a longer lifespan and more enjoyable views for years to come.

Safety Film and UV Protection

Safety and Security films also block ultraviolet light which is an added benefit since harmful UV rays can be damaging to furnishings and harmful to people. This added level of protection means that things such as hardwood floors, wood cabinets, and other pricey interior decors will last longer since they’ll be protected from fading and discoloration. It also means that the negative effects of UV rays on humans, like aging and skin cancer, can be dramatically reduced.

Our 3M Window Films reject solar heat meaning you’ll enjoy cooler temperatures in the heat of Florida. This not only makes your space more enjoyable but also saves you money since the A/C won’t be in high gear all day long.

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