Does window film go on the interior or exterior of windows?

How is window film applied? Does it go on the exterior or interior of windows? The answer is that it can be applied to both, it just depends on the type of film and its purpose. Most window tint (or window film) applications used in homes are applied to the interior of the window.

The Advantages Of Interior Window Film

One of the obvious advantages of interior window film is that it’s installed inside your home. This means that installation and maintenance on interior window films are a lot easier because weather conditions don’t play a factor.

There are many types of 3M window films that our certified team installs films on the interior of residential homes. One of our most popular films, the 3M Prestige Series, is a multi-layer film. 3M Prestige Series window films drastically lower glass reflectivity while still allowing light to come into your home. As much as 40% to 70% of natural light easily flows into your home allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

  • Rejects up to 97% infrared light so you can enjoy energy savings and enhanced comfort.

  • Significantly blocks harmful UV rays from damaging furnishings.

  • Can become carbon negative in as short as 6 months from install.

  • Includes the 3M warranty.

When Is Exterior Window Film Used?

What are the advantages of installing window films on the exterior of residential or commercial buildings? Since our team will be on the outside of the premises we can install while causing minimal disruption to what’s going on inside. Whether our team is installing on the interior or exterior we always perform professional, certified window film installs while being respectful of your space and your time as well.

Exterior window films can also benefit properties that have artificial turf, which can be common for commercial properties. Our 3M Exterior Prestige Series 70 helps block heat as well as prevent artificial turf from burning by significantly decreasing reflective glare coming from the sun. 3M Exterior Prestige Series 70, just like the 3M Prestige Interior Series, provides protection from harmful UV Rays that can lead to sun damage. Our films also come with the 3M Guarantee, the best warranty on the market. Contact Suncoast Window Films today to get your free consultation, our team of windows film professionals will determine the best series of films for your property and answer any questions you may have.

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