Project: The Oaks Club – WellFit Center
Location: Sarasota, Florida
Product: Panorama CX-35 Ceramic Window Film

Sarasota Window Tinting Service

The Wellfit Center at The Oaks Club has an amazing eastern view of their award-winning golf courses.  The view has always been front-and-center for the gym’s cardio area, but the installation of insulated impact windows during a recent remodel presented all new issues.  From sunrise to the mid-afternoon, the sunlight and heat comes pouring through the windows making the members very uncomfortable.  The architect had specified a solar shade for the windows that you can see in the photos.  The shades were no match for the intense solar heat and obstructed the view of the prestigious golf course.  They needed a solution and we came highly recommended by their residents and staff.

The Perfect Window Film Solution

We see the same scenario everyday.  Too much light, overwhelming heat intrusion, and high-end windows with a brand new warranty.  Sarasota Window TintingMany window film manufacturer’s will void their warranty once you’ve applied a film.  With an quick inspection of the windows and client walk-through we quickly narrowed the film choice down to a ceramic option.  The client wanted to cut the glare to that of a pair of sunglasses without taking out too much ambient light from the other side of the gym.  In addition, they wanted a large reduction in the heat coming through the windows.  We suggest Panorama Film’s CX Ceramic 35 to reduce the light for the morning hours and solve the heat concerns,  all while enhancing the view of the golf course.   The CX-35 is reducing more than half of the solar heat coming through the windows.   In addition, the voided window warranty is now backed by the industry’s leading warranty coverage.  The Panorama Premier Plus Warranty covers them up to $1750 on a per pane basis and matches your existing seal failure warranty.

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Sarasota-Window-Tinting-Service-3mWe work hard to bring the Sarasota area the best selection of window films paired with expert consultations.  We offer best-in-class service from the moment we enter your door to the last pass of our squeegees.  At Suncoast, you will always find that you are needs are exceeded and problems are solved the first time.  Give our team a call at 941-417-4000 for more information!

Professional And Experienced Staff

Our staff is professionally trained to the highest industry standards to ensure a perfect install every time. Suncoast Window Films is the number one 3M Authorized Retailer in the area with the best pricing and all films are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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