Safety and Security Window Films Protect People, Properties and Assets From Disasters and Intrusion.

Safety and Security Window Films have been used for nearly forty years to protect people and properties from the hazards of broken glass.  Many government buildings, airports and public facilities have Safety and Security Window Films installed to retain broken glass in the event of an explosion.  When attached to the window frames, these thick polyester film retains the glass in place once broken.

In recent years, businesses, commercial property owners and retail chains have added this invisible barrier of protection to protect their assets from property damage and loss from smash-and-grabs to natural disasters.  When installed properly, Safety and Security Window Films provide a significant level protection.

Passive 24-Hour Protection That’s Always Engaged.

Protecting your property is a 24-hour job.  Safety and Security Window Film provides 24-7 glass security.   In the even of a natural disaster, our films will be ready to protect your property from flying debris, water intrusion and potential looting.  Should the glass break, the film and glass remain in place until the glass and film are replaced.

Save Energy With A Sun Control Versions!

Our Safety and Security Window Films are offered in clear or tinted versions.  Our expanded lineup of security films offer heat rejecting properties resulting in a measureable return on investment.  Solar control versions will reduce heat intrusion, protect product from UV damage and lessen the draw on HVAC systems, saving you money!  In addition to great energy savings, solar control films will enhance the exterior appearance of any building.

Consult A Professional Security Film Provider.

It’s important to understand that security film is not a standalone product, it has to be attached with structural sealant by an experienced wet-glazer.  Daily, we see windows glazed with generic sealants, if attached at all.  A poor installation will not perform when needed.  We strive to protect every glass opening as close to the test specifications as possible and never cut corners.  Our installers are all wet-glaze certified and highly experienced at installing security films to government specifications.

Call our security film experts at 941-417-4000 for more information, samples and consultations.

  • Protects People and Property

  • Engaged 24-7

  • Deters Burglars and Looters

  • Protection From Natural Disasters

  • Lowers Electrical Costs