Safety & Security Window Films Provide An Added Layer Of Protection For Schools

Schools should be a place where children can receive an education in a safe environment. All across America schools are improving ways to ensure the safety and security of everyone on campus. 3M Safety & Security Window Film for Schools helps to fortify windows and glass doors which makes it more difficult for an intruder to breakthrough. While this may seem like one small part of an overall more intricate and comprehensive safety program, it can play a big role if an emergency situation arises.

Slow Down An Attack, Every Second Counts

Secure Your Windows And Potentially Save Lives With Our 3M™ Safety & Security Films

It is extremely difficult to prevent a determined intruder from breaking in and attacking children and adults, however our films are an additional layer of protection when you need it most. Add a level of safety and security with 3MTM Security Window Films & Attachment Systems.

  • Windows are one of the weakest points on your building

  • Provide precious time by helping to deter unwanted individuals from entering your building

  • Provide added protection to property from smash and grab burglaries, active shooters, and unwanted attackers

  • Helps protect your occupants from broken glass hazards

  • Attachment systems anchor the film to the glass frame, supplying additional protection if the glass is broken

An Invisible Extra Layer Of Protection

While increased security such as new procedures, locks, and alarm systems, buildings are still at risk of penetration through glass windows and doors. 3M Safety & Security Window Films provide a unique way for schools to address those weak entry points by increasing the time it takes to breakthrough. 3M Safety & Security Window Films also help prevent injuries from broken glass that can fly into the room at high speeds.

3M Safety & Security Window Films create a protective layer directly on the glass and holds it together when broken which delays anyone attempting to breach through glass entries such as glass windows and doors. When emergency situations arise every single additional section counts as it allows more time for those inside to get away from the incident until first responders arrive.

Get The Highest Level Of Safety & Security With Our Attachment System

When it comes to Safety & Security Window Film installation for schools, Suncoast Window Films recommends combining it with 3M’s Impact Protection Attachment System. This attachment bonds the window firmly to the window frame and creates a shield that outperforms just having the stand-alone film. This system provides enough strength and protection to handle a bomb blast and keeps out intruders along with preventing injury from flying glass. Safety & Security Window Film combined with the Impact Protection Attachment System creates the highest level of protection while still being a fraction of the cost of glass window replacement.

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    3M is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. We earned the world’s first patent for sun control window film in 1966. And today, there are millions of buildings with 3MTM Window Film installed around the world. By sharing ideas across 40+ core technologies and combining them in imaginative ways, we continue to introduce new-to-the-world products that enhance your life.


    3MTM Window Films are designed to resist peeling, bubbling, scratching and abrasion for long-lasting beauty and clarity. We push beyond industry standards, subjecting our films to rigorous durability tests at the most advanced weathering facilities in the world, so you can count on superior performance, durability and confident protection.


    When you choose 3M, you choose peace of mind. We offer one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry — from a trusted company you know will be around.

Extra Layers Mean Extra Benefits

3M Safety & Security Films come in tinted or clear options to help you control the sun while blocking up to 97% of infrared light and 99.9% of UV rays. These films also block the transfer of heat which means they also provide energy savings while improving overall comfort.

3M Safety & Security Window Film can also be combined with Privacy Film which can help obscure views, by pairing the two together schools are able to create multiple layers of protection that provide added security benefits. Since Privacy Films range from slightly to fully opaque or even reflective for single-way views they can reduce distractions while limiting the view of occupants in/out of a room. Many school districts have installed Privacy Films on school windows and glass doors because of these added benefits.

Another great film is our 3M Anti-Graffiti Film. This film provides extra surface protection in high traffic areas that can be more prone to scratches, etching, spray paint tagging, and other forms of damage while also providing 99% of UV rejection. 3M Anti-Graffiti Films are designed to be easily removed, when damage or vandalization occurs you can simply remove it with the film and replace a new layer to continue protecting the window.

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