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Throttle Forward With High-Performance Marine Window Films.

When it comes to marine window tinting, nobody knows the ropes better than Suncoast Window Films.  The recent introduction of ceramic window films offer boat and yacht owners advanced film solutions that reject the sun’s energy and are highly resistant to corrosion.  Our 3M Prestige series window films offer high heat reduction with ultra-low reflectivity; allowing safe navigation visibility, day or night.  In addition to increased cabin comfort, our films provide 99% ultraviolet protection, daytime privacy, glare reduction and reduced fuel and energy consumption.  Investing in a quality window film will protect your boat or yacht from the harmful effects of daily sun exposure.  Contact Us for more information about our Sarasota 3M Marine Window Tinting services.

Top-Notch Installations

Our in-house installation team is certified, highly experienced and prepared to tackle your boat or yacht window tinting needs.  We have all the necessary tools and equipment to protect the interior and cockpit electronics from moisture and always wear booties while aboard.   Most installations are completed in a single day minimizing disruption of your routine and the results are immediate.  Fully licensed and insured, we have a top-rated reputation with our clients and marinas across Florida, USVI, BVI and the Bahamas.  When it comes to marine window tinting, we’re worth our salt!

Marine Window Tinting Warranty

All of our films are backed by the industry’s leading warranty coverage.  Our manufacture offers a fully comprehensive warranty that covers any product failure whatsoever.  We have time tested these products and take extra measures on every installation to prevent any premature failure or corrosion.  We have built a reputation by providing only top-quality products and installations to our clients.

Marine Tinting Benefits

  • Sun Protection – Blocks 99% Ultraviolet Light

  • Reduces Glare – Improves Visibilty

  • Solar Heat Rejection – Keeps Cabins Cooler

  • Decreased Energy and Fuel Consumption

  • Protect Electronics, Furnishings and Interior Trim

  • Daytime Cabin Privacy

  • Maintain Nighttime Visibility

  • Enhances Vessel Appearence


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