The Benefits Of Residential Security Window Film

While you can’t control crime and weather, you can add an extra layer of protection from both. 3M Safety And Security Window Films can help lower the chances of home invasion and also protect your home from severe weather.  We’ll go over each to show why security window film is both a great investment and a form of added protection for your residential property.

Reduce Break-ins With Security Window Film

The FBI has estimated that every 25.7 seconds a burglary or break-in occurs in the United States. Windows are a weak point in your home and create a vulnerable point of entry, by choosing 3M Safety & Security Window Films you can help strengthen security and protection. By adding a tough tear-resistant layer to your windows you can deter break-ins for up to an additional 2 minutes compared to an unprotected window. This gives you extra valuable time to get both yourself and your loved ones away from the threat and alert law enforcement. Take a look at the video below to see for yourself.

Natural Disasters and Security Window Film

3M Safety And Security Window Films don’t just help protect you from burglary, they also help protect you from natural disasters. In Florida, we are constantly looking for ways to better secure our homes and protect our families during Hurricane season. Applying 3M Window Films to your windows can reduce hazards by strengthening them as well as acting as a restraint meaning if your windows happen to break they will hold the broken glass in place. Without 3M Safety And Security Window Films traditional windows can easily break sending flying shards of glass into your home which is a major hazard to anyone the pieces come into contact with. 3M Window Film is a low-cost one-time investment that not only pays for itself over time by reducing overall energy costs but also protects you and those you love from unforeseen dangers.

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