Why Some Window Films Turn Purple But Ours Don’t

A common question we receive here at Suncoast Window Films is whether or not the window film we install will either fade or change to a purple hue over time. Our 3M Window Films do not turn purple or fade over time and we back each installation with the 3M Guarantee which gives you a full coverage warranty.

What Causes Other Window Films To Fade Or Change Color?

Many low-quality window tints and window films will begin to fade and change into a purple color over time. This is typically seen in auto window tint, however, it is seen in architectural grade window films that are from non-3M brands.

Experts state that the harmful UV rays window films are used to block can lead to failure in the dyes used by many low-quality window films. When dyes used to tint the window film are applied after the UV coating. Manufacturers who cut corners to lower production costs ultimately create an inferior quality product which is why it’s better to call the professionals here at Suncoast Window Films to get the job done right the first time.

Here at Suncoast Window Films, we only use the highest quality window films on the market to ensure you get the best product and services backed by a great warranty giving our customers extra peace of mind.


    3M is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. We earned the world’s first patent for sun control window film in 1966. And today, there are millions of buildings with 3MTM Window Film installed around the world. By sharing ideas across 40+ core technologies and combining them in imaginative ways, we continue to introduce new-to-the-world products that enhance your life.


    3MTM Window Films are designed to resist peeling, bubbling, scratching and abrasion for long-lasting beauty and clarity. We push beyond industry standards, subjecting our films to rigorous durability tests at the most advanced weathering facilities in the world, so you can count on superior performance, durability and confident protection.


    When you choose 3M, you choose peace of mind. We offer one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry — from a trusted company you know will be around.

Why Does Some Window Film Turn Purple?

You now know that poor manufacturing and inferior window films lead to discoloration, but what exactly makes the film color change to purple? The purple color is due to the red and blue dyes in the film bleeding through and combining which takes the form of a visible purple discoloration.

Choose The Professionals You Can Rely On

Window films are dyed to get the desired level of darkness, however, cheaper low-quality films often have the dye placed over the UV protection leading to a lot of undesirable issues. Over time these issues lead to less protection from the sun and unwanted purple discoloration making windows unpleasant to look at. Avoid the hassle and waste of money by hiring the professionals here at Suncoast Window Films.

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