Why You Should Choose A 3M Certified Window Film Installer

Suncoast Window Films is a 3M Ultra Prestige Authorized Dealer and Certified for installations. Why should 3M Certification or Authorization matter to you? It should be your top priority when deciding on which company to use if you are looking for professional installation for your home, business, vehicle, or boat. Get the job done right the first time by hiring a 3M Certified Installer like Suncoast Window Films. We have 100+ five-star reviews across our social media channels and are consistently recommended by members of our community. We take pride in providing the highest quality services to each and every customer we work with.

3M is the global leader in window films and adhesive technology, they actually hold the very first patent on window film. Not only that, but they also are one of the few companies in the industry that manufactures all of the raw materials that go into each and every one of their films. 3M goes above and beyond to control the quality of their films and constantly sets new standards along the way.

3M not only holds its research and manufacturing to such high standards they also deeply care bout how it’s installed. Only professional window film installers who pass the 3M installation training and testing program are recognized as 3M Certified and among the best in the industry.

Authorized 3M Window Film Dealer and 3M Certified

You may have seen a small variety of 3M films available for self-installation, however, only Authorized 3M Window Film Dealers can purchase, install, and provide a warranty on 3M’s high-end specialty films. 3M Prestige Series and 3M Ceramic Series window films are two examples of high-end films that the general public does not have access to simply because only trained and certified installers are able to properly install them.

It takes a lot to be considered an authorized dealer, things such as a minimum of three years of experience and validated business practices are just a few things a company must have to even be eligible. Suncoast Window Films has over 25 years of experience and exceeds all standards set by 3M to become a 3M Ultra Prestige Authorized Dealer and 3M Certified Installer.

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Suncoast Window Films is an Authorized 3M Prestige Dealer with over one hundred five-star reviews from happy customers in our area. If you are interested in window films for your home, please contact our window film specialists today at (941) 417-4000 or get your free consultation by clicking here.

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Our staff is professionally trained to the highest industry standards to ensure a perfect install every time. Suncoast Window Films is the number one 3M Authorized Retailer in the area with the best pricing and all films are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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