Why You Should Get Decorative Window Film For Your Business

It’s common for large plate glass windows to be used in commercial buildings. Many business owners will choose to line them with blinds to cut down on the heat that passes through. While that may be effective, it can be rather bland and ineffective, a better alternative is decorative film that creates a unique look while keeping views unobstructed.

Decorative films offer protection from UV rays, reduce excessive heat, create privacy, save money on energy bills and more! We have a large selection of decorative window films in many different colors and styles to fit your needs, click here to learn more and get your free sample.

Frosted Film

Frosted window films are designed to mimic fine etched glass while avoiding the hefty price tag of completely replacing all of your windows. This film type comes in a variety of transparency levels meaning they can act as a privacy panel or an artful display. You can choose from a large selection of shades and patterns to find the best look that fits your style.

Patterned and Colored Film

3M Fasara window films also come in subtle stripes, squares, and geometric designs that can drastically change the overall look of your space. You can choose to cover an entire window or leave it partially clear and even layer patterns to create a unique look.

Safety and Security Film

Layer up your decorative films with 3M Safety And Security window films to add extra protection from break-in and smash and grabs. Our team works with you to determine the best product that fits your needs and budget to bring your vision to life.

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