Will My Window Film Start To Bubble After Installation?

Will my window film start to bubble after I have them installed? This is a question the team at Suncoast Window Films often receives. We’ll break down why window film may bubble and also provide information on how to minimize bubbles before and after your window film installation should they occur.

Why does window film bubble?

One of the primary reasons window film may start to form bubbles is simply because the windows are not cleaned properly prior to installation. Less-skilled window film installers may not clean windows adequately which leaves dirt and other debris that lead to problems down the road. This is one of the reason we recommend choosing a window film company such as Suncoast Window Films who are trained, experienced, and certified to properly install your window films.

How Suncoast Window Film Installers Minimize Window Film Bubbles

The installation team at Suncoast Window Film’s are properly trained and certified to minimize and eliminate bubbles after a window film installation. Our team used a squeegee to go over every inch of the window film with precision. This process removes any excess water, which if left can lead to poor adhesion between the window film and the window. Our team makes sure all surfaces are as clean as possible prior to your window tint installation.

It is important to understand that some bubbles or blisters may appear after window film is installed. Window film needs time to cure and this curing time depends on the thickness of the film which can take between 30 to 60 days. Are you looking for information on how to properly care for newly-installed window film? We put together a simple guide on how to care for and clean your window film to make them last longer and continue to look great on your home or business.

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