Regardless of the type of workspace you work in, if you have windows and glass doors, security should be important to you. The Suncoast Window Film team helps customers discover the benefits of safety and security window films. We’ve been installing window film across the Suncoast region for decades, and have definitely seen our share of offices and workspaces. Why do we highly recommend security film for offices? Here are 3 great reasons.

Prevent Break-Ins With 3M Window Film

3M Safety and Security film help prevent break-in’s and if a break-in does, unfortunately, occur it can actually delay the intrusion, but how? Once the layer of film is installed on the glass, the extra layers strengthen the windows. Should someone try to break through the glass, 3M Safety and Security window films hold the glass in place even if it shatters. By keeping the glass intact it can actually delay entry by an additional 90 seconds. This may seem insignificant, however, when it comes to emergency situations – every single second counts. By pairing our window films with other security measures you’ll have a better theft deterrence and create a safer space.

Natural Disasters & Security Film

Florida is prone to hurricanes and other severe weather events like tornados that cause property damage. 3M Safety and Security window film adds an additional layer of protection that helps keep people and property safe during these events. Windows and glass panel doors that aren’t protected can easily break when branches, rocks, and other debris hit them. Broken glass creates an extremely hazardous situation, sharp shards of glass can fly throughout the entire room putting everyone inside at risk of bodily harm. By adding security film to your windows and glass panel doors, you can prevent the glass from posing a danger to occupants.

UV & Anti-Fade Protection

3M Safety and Security window films, along with our other 3M window film products, offer a wide variety of benefits. UV rays can cause sun damage and fade to your furnishings – things such as hardwood floors, paintings, and wood cabinets. Our window films allow you to tame the sun by reducing harmful UV rays by up to 97%! Along with UV ray reduction, our films also reduce annoying glare allowing you to enjoy your space even more.

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